Zuzmó (Lichen) - 60ml


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Pennonia inks are entirely handmade in a small laboratory using high quality ingredients. Drawing inspiration from by personal life events, Hungarian language, tradition and even popular culture, Pennonia presents a collection that is ready to take you on a journey.

Like the simple lichen, this ink also comes in many different shades and colors. If you have read some of the other descriptions you’ve probably noticed that most of the inks have a connection to childhood experiences and it’s the same with this one as well. I believe that inks can help long forgotten memories to resurfaces and interestingly it reminded me of experiences that I never remember in day to day life. For example collecting sticks and branches while in the woods, preparing campfires, sword fighting with said branches, noticing it on old rocks and foundations of almost as old buildings.

This ink is a part of a mini-series of shading inks, which work particularly well with brushes, brush pens and dip pens. They truly come to life when used in writing instruments from which the inks can gush onto paper. Of course they are also great for fountain pen sketches and even handwriting but the effect is more subdued thanks to the nature of these shading inks. One mantra that is good to keep in mind: the broader and wetter the nib, the better.


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