The Wonderful Wizard of Oz Spell Book Set


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The Wonderful Wizard of Oz Spell Book is a ink set that tells the story of a wizard helping or sabotaging Dorothy and her three friends with Glitter Potions.

In the novel, the main characters all go in each of something they want:
Dorothy is looking for ‘Silver Shoes’ in order to go back to her hometown;
Tin Woodman is searching for ‘Heart’,
Scarecrow is searching for a ‘Brain’;
and Cowardly Lion is searching for ‘Brave’.

As the great wizard of Oz, you can choose to give Silver Shoes, Heart, Brain or Brave.
As a dark wizard of Oz, one can sabotage them by weirdly matching the needs.

Wearingeul inks are suitable for use with fountain pens, dip pens, and glass pens. These inks vary in shading, sheening effects and flow.


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