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The Box of Fascinations - Ink Charger Ensemble Vol. I


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Drawing from a rich history in printmaking, Ferris Wheel Press brings to life a collection of high-quality fountain pen inks that capture the humble stories of their hometown. From the majestic landscapes that span the nation to the local sweet treats that delight all of our senses, each colour has been carefully crafted to capture the joyous moments in life that inspire us to put pen to paper.

The Ink Charger Ensemble Vol.I features 20 x 5ml vials of fountain pen ink colours curated from the Ferris Wheel Press Collection.
This set comes with Algonquin Maple, Autumn in Auburn, Bluegrass Velvet, Candy Marsala, Definitely Peachy, Double Raspberry, Dusk in Bloom, Freshly Squeezed Sunshine, Frivolous Lime, Goose Poupon, Jelly Bean Blue, Lady Rose, Mirror Mirror of Moraine, Misguided Mistletoe, Moss Park Green, Royal Rhubarb, Sparking Champagne, Tanzanite Sky, Three Steamboats, Wondrous Winterberry.