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PLUS X SAILOR Limited Set - Cat (Black)


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As part of the continuing movement of enjoying colour, this is the second collaboration between PLUS X Sailor.

The pen is a Sailor Profit Junior, fitted with a stainless steel medium-fine nib that has also been etched with the set's corresponding animal motif. The body is made of PMMA resin and furnished with nickel-chrome plating, making it very light. It can be used either with cartridge or converter (built in).

The Ca.Crea Premium Cloth notebook is aptly named, with the cover made of a luxe cloth material, and the pages adhered with strong thread binding. The pale cream pages are also fountain pen friendly, feature a grid layout and also stay open in a lay flat style.

Finally, the 20ml bottle of ink is a special colour created for the set.

Here's What's Included:
- 1 x Ca.Crea Premium Cloth notebook with 56 pale cream sheets (fountain pen friendly)
- 1 x SAILOR Profit Junior pen, medium-fine nib, with built-in converter
- 1 x 20ml Bottle of Ink with corresponding set colour
- All wonderfully presented in a gift box!

Also available in Goldfish (Red) and Dog (Ivory)


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