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No.516 Autumnal Equinox - 35ml


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Penbbs is a Chinese online fountain pen community not too dissimilar to its Western counterpart, Fountain Pen Network (FPN). Aside from garnering a loyal following for their well-made pens, Penbbs also have a massive line up of inks.

The 24 Solar Term Series refer to 24 distinct periods set in the East Asian lunisolar calendar. Each one of names denoting the periods also reference a corresponding flower that has a connection to it.
In 2016, the Solar Terms were recognised by UNESCO for Intangible Cultural Heritage.

Referring to the 8th month (midpoint) of the 24 Solar Terms. Owing to its adversion to the cold, the Crysanthenum flower only blooms during the Autumnal Equinox. The corresponding astrological sign for this period is Libra.

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