JR Pocket Pen - Fantasia - Medium

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The "J" was Esterbrook's sleeve and suave got to classic pocket pen that appealed to the practicality of the times when it was debuted. That sentiment remains today and the "JR" is the revival of this 1940s and 50s pen but with a few new bells and whistles to boot!

In music, a fantasia is a mixing of styles that create a cohesive piece. It’s a blending of seemingly non-obvious forms that create a symphony that can be appreciated, enjoyed, or even hated. But, it evokes a strong emotion, like all great art.

And, really, is writing so different?

The new Limited Edition Fantasia JR lets you improve and innovate any way you want to the beat of your own drum.

A converter and 1 ink cartridge is included with this pen and comes housed in a luxurious fabric covered pen box.


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