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Estie Oversize - Cosmic Wine - Medium


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Feel a sense of la dolce vita with our Cosmic Wine Oversized Estie. The fourth installment of our Sparkle series, Cosmic Wine is an elegant blend of deep burgundy, mixed with sparkling purples, pinks, and whites due to the DiamondCast body.

Founded in 1858, Esterbrook is a rising phoenix in American pen history. At its peak, millions of pens were produced annually. However, a change in market demand saw Esterbrook put out of business in the 70s. Rising out of the ashes, Esterbrook is now back better than ever!

A converter and 1 ink cartridge is included with this pen and comes housed in a luxurious fabric covered pen box. Also included is a set of 3 cosmic wine themed paper clips.

For those looking to use their vintage Esterbrook nibs, the Vintage Nib Connector will allow you to use them with this pen.