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Esterbrook x Ferris Wheel Press Nebulous Plume Pen and Ink Set - Medium


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The name "Nebulous Plume" evokes a sense of wonder and exploration. It conjures up images of vast, uncharted galaxies and the possibility of new discoveries. This is exactly the kind of storytelling that Esterbrook and Ferris Wheel Press are known for.

The pen itself is a work of art. The six-color DiamondCast material is reminiscent of the swirling clouds of gas and dust that make up nebulae. The wax casted ring adds a touch of elegance, while the gold-plated clip with star engravings provides a subtle nod to the pen's name.

The ink is a beautiful interpretation of the pen. The custom blended FWP ink is a deep, rich blue that is perfect for writing letters, journaling, or taking notes. It is sure to add a touch of elegance to any writing project.

- Limited to just over 1000 units worldwide
- Custom blended Nebulous Plume (Shimmer) ink
- DiamondCast six color blended material.
- Wax casted ring featuring Ferristales insignia and stargazing elements.

What's Included:
A converter and 1 custom blended 20ml limited edition bottle of ink included with this pen. All of that is housed in a galactic themed box featuring rocket ships, astronaut animals, and stargazing. It is a truly unique and special presentation that is sure to be appreciated by any fountain pen enthusiast.

For those looking to use their vintage Esterbrook nibs, the Vintage Nib Connector will allow you to use them with this pen.