Brush Fountain Pen - Glistening Glass Gold Nib (Medium) LE '23


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2023 Limited Edition Brush Fountain Pen

From cinder to chandeliers, get swept up by the magical charm of the Fairy Godmother. Bask in the revelry of clinking glass slippers as Cinderella waltzes through the ballroom until the stroke-of-midnight, disappearing into the dust before the clock chimes twelve.

Exclusively for the FerriTales collection, we present a new limited edition of the Brush Fountain Pen in a luxurious Cinderella French blue finish, complete with a 14k gold plated nib. Mire over the details of the intricately engraved brass grip, which continues the story of the Glistening Glass FerriTales ink. Always find the right words with magic of your own fairy godmother at your fingertips, and complete your collection before the clock strikes midnight.

Available in both fine and medium nib weights, the iconic custom engraved brass grip assembly will beautifully patina over time. Each fountain pen has been expertly handmade from copper, brass, and stainless steel for a well balanced yet substantial writing experience.

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