Abigél (Abigail) - 2ml


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Pennonia inks are entirely handmade in a small laboratory using high quality ingredients. Drawing inspiration from by personal life events, Hungarian language, tradition and even popular culture, Pennonia presents a collection that is ready to take you on a journey.

Created as a gift for a Christening, Abigél (Abigail) is an interesting ink in many ways.
It only has one base dye thus the chromatography will not show any hidden colors, however the dye used to create it is special. It’s special because it is fluorescent and shines brightly when exposed to ultra-violet light.

In regular use the ink is a beautiful, bright and vibrant pink. Like almost all Pennonia inks, Abigail has good shading properties making it not only great for writing but for sketching and painting as well.


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