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8 Piece Ink Sample Set - Blues


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We've put together a set of 8 blue inks to kick start your search for the perfect blue.

Carefully curated, this set features 8 well-loved blue inks (4ml size each) from 8 different brands, allowing you to get a feel of what each of these brands have to offer.
This set will also come in a lovely gift box.

Colours Included:
Colorverse - Supernova
Noodler's Ink - Legal Blue
Kobe Ink - #23 Nagata Blue
Robert Oster - Soda Pop Blue
Organics Studio - Barkley's Blue Teal
Rohrer & Klingner - Konigsblau
Taccia - Aoguro
Sailor - Seiboku (nano pigment ink)